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B Epic: Here is what you should know about B-Epic and the Elev8 product. Why join B Epic over all the other companies out there. Why EleV8 stands above the competition.

Why B Epic? Why EleV8? Here's the answer:
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Are you stuck in a rut?
Feeling sluggish and foggy?
A bit grumpy or distracted?

The last thing you need is more caffeine and sugar. Energy drinks typically combine extremely high doses of sugar and caffeine with other chemicals that inevitably lead to a crash, brain fog, and fatigue not to mention a host of other problems including weight gain, sleep deprivation, inflammation, Type II diabetes, and poor health.

That's why at B-Epic we created ELEV8 – an advanced energy and recovery product that synthesizes modern extract technology with ancient medicinal secrets to support your ability to perform at a very high level.

Find out for yourself all of the life-changing benefits that come with this powerful elixir of energy, vitality, and overall health and order your sample of ELEV8 today.

We are so sure it will make a positive difference in your life that it is backed by a 30-Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

180 countries and People around the world are Raving over  (( ELEV8 ))    SEE Why below!

Talk soon  GREAT  INFO  BELOW!  This Product and Comp. Plan are amazing!

Lets Connect   SOON  LARRY    (310) Your Number  

ORDER  NOW!!      The  Testimonials below will show you the Power!

***   1   Green Pill a  Day ***  Can  change  your Life!

I got it!!!!!!!!! Let's just say the lady who gave me my package was very excited that I busted open the package to give her a gift today!!!!! She got my first sample!! 😊 Friends I am very excited to try this new natural supplement to boost your mind and body naturally!!! I am very passionate about helping people feel better in the most natural way possible! So I am glad I found something this natural I can represent!! I am not about the hype and am just starting this myself! If you would like to try it with me let me know!!!!!!!!! Would love your honest feedback so I know if this is something I can stand behind!!!!! - Misty

Gday, Epic Global teams, OK, of course I am super excited, Elev8 hit the shores of Sydney Australia this morning. In perfect timing, trying to juggle stressful deadlines in my business and enjoying mid week Christmas parties. Yep it is the silly season and now is the time to enjoy that Epic Life with Elev8. One tablet a day to feel fabulous, I think I can handle that!! Thank you Eric Caprarese for the vision, and to our leaders Larry Lane and Reuben Mei-Edwards my running buddy, for leading us

I was so excited to get my first box that I ripped it out of the mailbox and took a pill. I was hosting a multi vendor holiday show at my house. I gave away so many free samples asking for results. I made it through the party with loads of energy and finally ate dinner at 9:30pm. This morning I jumped right out of bed without an alarm! Time to go share some more!

BOOM  ITS  HERE!     Miot Fuller Yep yep.. popped one and heading into the bar for work now.. this outta be fun ​
Hafa Adai!!  Toni here (Guam greetings)   Guam USA!  Received my Elev8 supplement!  So loving the 'clean' energy no jitters!   Love that it is soooo simple ...  Take ONE a day and move on... Amazing 

​Alexa thinks she is taking this for the first time. I been putting the capsule in her morning smoothy since she was studying for her ACT.s. shhhh don't say anything. I recommend this product to high school students needing to increase grades and rank for college submissions and.... all students studying for finals.

​SAN Juan Puerto Rico! This is fantastic! It really does what it promises! Great and sustained energy! Clear mind and more focus! Enthusiasm! I shared it with one co-worker that was very tired and he was so impressed with the energy and clarity he experience that he ask me for a box! Fast and real results. Thanks B-Epic! I love my ELEV8! It takes my to new heights!
Esto es fantástico! Realmente cumple con lo que promete! Gran energía sostenida durante horas! Mente más clara y mayor enfoque mental! Entusiasmo! Lo compartí con un compañero de trabajo que se sentía muy cansado y se impresionó tanto con el cambio que sintió en su energía y claridad que me pidió una caja completa! Resultados rápidos y reales! ELEV8 te lleva a nuevas alturas! 

Enjoy  elev8
Im so pleased with this product. I cant say enough about ELEV8. I have never had any product give me the results so quickly and sustain a level of natural energy  and clear mind . This is truly epic .  Deborah Flores

I am not good at taking selfies, but here goes.  So glad to receive my shipment of Elev8 on Tues.  Couldn't wait to pop my first capsule in my mouth. :)  Have been having trouble waking up after sleeping, but Wed. after just a few hours of sleep, I was wide awake and ready to take on the world.  I got some household chores done, that I hadn't been able to do lately, just didn't have the energy.  Now that I have taken several days of Elev8, I am loving what I am experiencing.  Getting so much more done and with much more clarity of thought.  Thanks for B-Epic for this awesome product.

I've been taking Elev8 for a couple of days now and feel great! The first day was a little rocky, I have clinical depression and my medication stopped working so I was on an emotional rollercoaster the first day I took it. It helped even everything out that by the second day I felt great. I have so much energy and it lasts all day and into the evening. I even woke up at 5 am on day 3 and felt refreshed and ready for the day, which is unheard-of for me I hate getting up early. I am in love with this product. Mitchell my partner loves it. He has ADD and it helps him to be much more focused. He takes ADD medication, but the effects of that doesn't last all day. Elev8 he can feel working for him all day. - BreAnn

What a great Christmas Gift! "So beyond excited!!! Ross has been so sick I had him take 1 about 2pm and it already perked him up 😳. Can't wait to see what multiple days worth does 😇" - Brandi

Elev8. Hits. ((( GERMANY )))). Need more energy! More focus! Better overall health. Click on this link and order today. This product truly works!
Super Excited I get it yesterday and I was so busy working with customers. And I went in bed very late so , slept just 4 hrs . When I wake up was so tired and I take first ELEV8 B-Epic. It worked amazing... truly work.... I am top fit right now and exciting to going work with full of energy. 😊

I Came home from work and Surprise...my product was here...plus they gave me 10 samples...took one right away!
One word...ENERGY! and more commissions today...was having my doubts bout this...but not any more ! Bill
Came home from work and Surprise...my product was here...plus they gave me 10 samples...took one right away!
One word...ENERGY! and more commissions today...was having my doubts bout this...but not any more ! Bill

As most of you know , I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 months ago , and I had a Double Mastectomy on October 12th. I am a very active person , but I can tell you my energy level before the surgery has been very hard to get back too . I have been on the ELEV8 product for a week . It has made me so energetic again , and so focused, and amazingly sleeping better than I have in a long time . It has also helped me lose weight , because it has totally decreased my appetite. All the ingredients I was juicing with every morning are in this green miracle pill.
I have been in the business for two weeks , and have earned two big checks , and getting ready to hit the 500.00 car bonus . If you are looking to work from home , and promote a product that you will absolutely fall in love with , and cannot live without. Come join us ! We get paid four times a month , and we are positioned at the very top of 180 counties . You can join the business for either $49.95 or $89.95 . You can by a sample pack for $24.95 It's the best comp plan I have ever seen , in my 30 years of being involved in direct selling . Only one product to promote !! Thank you Eric Caprarese for this amazing product and opportunity.

My ELEV8 arrive! -12.12.2016    Im  so  Excited for this Product.  Stay Tuned!

Wow can you tell? we are all ready feeling GREAT with Elev8. I love the energy and healthy glow, as we gear up for a season of Misletoe. Im bouncing with joy and where sharing with all. Its time to b- epic come one and come all. One capsule daily and you will see just how much more you can be. I have clarity of mind, and energy galore, I am happy to be a part of this great family. Together we'll share and together we will be, on a mission to make everyone financially free, as we share Elev8 the product that makes you GREAT!  Eva!

Got 4 packs of incredible product.
Using that the third day and really feel strength and encouragement))) EXCITED!

Wow my first capsule  give me energy to 1.00 a clock in the night. tomorrow I'm taking it Earlier!  LOL 😊***

Elev8 arrived yesterday to ( Gold Coast Australia ), I was half asleep at 1pm after a big night and only 5 hours sleep, about 30 minutes after taking one I was awake and clear all evening.... Very impressed!

​United Kingdom
Hi everyone - my package arrived this morning ( Manchester U.K. )    I hab        I Have taken my first capsule -had a late night partying so elev8 has got its magic to do - will report my findings later 

See http://b-epic-elev8.com for complete B-Epic details or to order Elev8 now! 


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